April 24, 2023
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How to Plan a Scattering Ceremony Following Cremation

A scattering ceremony helps memorialize a loved one who has been cremated. It is a chance to celebrate life and return remains to the earth in […]
April 17, 2023
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10 Advantages of Having a Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral is a time-honored way of paying respects to a loved one who has passed on. It involves a series of rituals, usually with […]
April 10, 2023
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Tips for Talking to a Bereaved Loved One

When someone we care about is grieving, you may not know what to say or do to help them outside of the funeral or cremation service […]
April 3, 2023
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Key Tips for Writing a Meaningful Eulogy

Writing a eulogy for the final services of someone you loved can be an emotionally tasking endeavor. How do you find the right words to sum […]